masataka kondo 1st full album "Butterfly.f" Release 09/16/2015
CD album
Displaying paintings and video works at the gallery, Hidari Zingaro, produced by Kaikai Kiki led by the modern artist, Takashi Murakami, airing music on the radio program by Ryuichi Sakamoto, J-Wave "Radio Sakamoto" audition, and participating in a net label compilation album, "Artlism.JP", which is currently a topic noted for its ambient electronica scene, Masataka Kondo creates and publishes a variety of works, such as videos and music and is also active in various other domains including contemporary art.
This first CD album is made from a sound track of a series of video works, "Butterfly.f", using single-winged butterflies as a motif.


【Spesial bonus : TOWER RECORDS ONLINE Only】

・Bonus disk(3tracks included)
 J-Wave Redio Sakamoto on air track "L2"
 Remix track by Inward as DJ Pizz
・Original mobile strap
※The Special bonus is finished as soon as a number disappears.

Track list

01. Ex-Origin
02. Reflect
03. Rebirth
04. Lost
05. Morphosis
06. Fragment
07. Asymmetry
08. Resonance
09. Discord
10. Vanishing

Bonus disk "L2 Remixes"
01. L2
02. L2(Inward as DJ Pizz remix)
03. L2(masataka kondo remix)

Guest artist
(Bonus disk "L2 Remixes")
Inward as DJ Pizz

Fukuyama Cable DEHARA RYO

All tracks & Artworks
masataka kondo